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Dovbenko Vladimir

    • Manages the company in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.
    • Ensures fulfillment of all commitments by the enterprise to the state and local budgets, state extra-budgetary social funds, suppliers, customers and creditors, as well as implementation of economic and labor contracts (contracts) and business plans.
    • Organizes economic activity of the enterprise on the basis of scientifically-based planning methods.
    • Develops the strategy and tactics of enterprise development and coordinates the work of its structural divisions.
    • Ensures adherence to administrative and tax and tax laws.
    • Issues orders, instructions and instructions on all issues of production and economic activity of the enterprise.
    • Establishes the limits of competence of the heads of structural divisions.
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Melnik Oleg

    • Control the work of the economic and financial activities of the enterprise in matters of material and technical supply, sales of products, transport and administrative services, ensuring the effective use of material and financial resources, reducing their costs, accelerating the turnover of working capital.
    • Control the correctness and timeliness of drawing up and submission of reports on policies, acts of performed work. Keep records of the Company's contracts. Receive reports and formulate a general report on the Society.
    • Keep records of all Agency Agreements.
    • Carry out the verification of accounting documents on transactions for the receipt and write-off of funds, on account of settlements.
    • Arrange reception and delivery of cash to the relevant banking institutions.
    • Ensure legality, timeliness and correctness of execution of documents, payments to banking institutions.
    • Participates in carrying out of economic analysis of economic and financial activities of the Company according to the accounting and reporting in order to identify the domestic reserves, eliminate losses and unproductive costs.

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Katernoga Olena

    1. Ensures observance of legality in the activity of the enterprise and protection of its legal interests.
    2. Carries out legal examination of draft orders, instructions, regulations, standards and other acts of a legal nature, which are being prepared at the enterprise, informs them, as well as, if necessary, participates in the preparation of these documents.
    3. Represents the interests of the enterprise in court, economic and administrative courts, as well as in state and public organizations in the process of reviewing legal issues, conducts court and other cases.
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Rozhansky Igor

    1. Develops an effective integral system of labor protection management, contributes to the improvement of the activities in this direction for each structural unit and each official.
    2. Conducts operational and methodical guidance for all work on occupational safety.
    3. Composes with the structural subdivisions of the enterprise complex measures to achieve the established norms of safety, occupational health and working environment (increase of the existing level of labor protection, if the established norms are reached), as well as section "Labor protection" of the collective agreement.
    4. Holds an introductory briefing with the employees on occupational safety issues.
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Rozhansky Vyacheslav

    1. Determines the technical policy and directions of technical development of the enterprise in a market economy, the ways of reconstruction and technical re-equipment of the current production, the level of specialization and diversification of production in the future.
    2. Provides the necessary level of technical preparation of production and its constant growth, increasing the efficiency of production and labor productivity, reducing material, financial and labor costs, rational use of productive resources, high quality and competitiveness of manufactured products, works and services provided, compliance manufactured products, current state standards, technical specifications and technical ethics requirements, as well as their reliability and durability
    3. Provides efficiency of design decisions, timely and qualitative preparation of production, technical operation, repair and modernization of equipment, achievement of a high level of quality of products in the process of its development and production.
    4. It takes measures to improve the organization of production, labor and management on the basis of the introduction of the latest technical and telecommunication facilities for the implementation of engineering and management work.
    5. Organizes training and professional development of employees and provides continuous improvement of personnel training.

    6. Manages the activities of the technical services of the enterprise, controls the results of their work, the state of labor and production discipline in the subordinate units.

    7. Carries out the duties of the authorized quality officer

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Levchenko Tаtyana

    1. Rejection of the issue of products not in accordance with the requirements of the normative and technical documentation, approved models (standards), terms of supply and contracts.
    2. Planning the quality of products, through the formation of requirements for the quality of products at the stages of marketing research, development of technical specifications, production.
    3. Determination in cooperation with technologists of ways to improve the quality of products, including quality improvement programs, participation in the development of methods and methods for assessing the reliability and testing of products.
    4. Organization of certification of enterprise products.
    5. Organizes the work on quality control of manufactured products, ensures compliance with the requirements of the international standards of the series ISO 9000, State Standarts, technical conditions and the requirements of the Consumer.
    6. Controls the performance of corrective actions and cautions in the quality management system.


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Pavlovskaya Evgenia

    Director of Sales and Marketing


    1. Organizes a comprehensive study and analysis of domestic and foreign markets, the prospects for their development in order to obtain information on the relationship between supply and demand, the level of product prices, possible orders, the development of production of competing enterprises, the strategies and tactics of their activities, the response to the emergence of new products .
    2. Develops a short-, medium- and long-term strategy for marketing activities, guides designers and production to meet customer requirements for products manufactured by the enterprise.
    3. Organizes research on the consumer properties of products and factors that determine the structure and dynamics of consumer demand for enterprise products, market conditions.
    4. Develops recommendations for improving the range and quality of reasonableness and feasibility of producing new products, oriented to meet the needs of consumers.
    5. Defines the strategy and tactics of marketing products.
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Evsukov Igor

    Head of Sales Department


    1. Identify and develop an effective sales marketing strategy.
    2. Planning, implementation and monitoring, implementation of sales plans.
    3. Increase in sales.
    4. Forming partner long-term relationships with customers.
    5. Organization and control, monitoring and analysis of the competitive environment.
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Naidenko Taras

    Sales Development Manager


    1. Search and attract customers.
    2. Negotiations, consultations, conclusion of contracts with customers.
    3. Control of marketing and advertising of partners and dealers.
    4. Monitoring of competitors.
    5. Creation of reports on research results.
    6. Opening of new points of sales of the company and control of their activities.
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Getsko Roman

    Manager for wholesale sales


    1. Active search and support of wholesale and retail customers.
    2. Formation of orders.
    3. Control of sending and receiving orders.
    4. Control of the supply of products from production.
    5. Formation of delivery schedule.



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Kulish Vitalyi

    1. Carries out management of production and economic activity of the shop.
    2. Provides performance tasks, rhythmic output of high quality products, efficient use of fixed and working capital.
    3. Carries out work on improvement of organization of production, its technology, mechanization and automation of production processes, prevention of shortage and improvement of product quality, saving of all kinds of resources, introduction of progressive forms of organization of work, attestation and rationalization of workplaces, use of reserves for increasing labor productivity and reducing costs production.
    4. Organizes the current production planning, accounting, compilation and timely submission of reports on the production activities of the workshop (section)
    5. Provides technically correct operation of equipment and other fixed assets and execution of schedules for their repair, safe and healthy working conditions, as well as timely provision of working privileges under labor conditions.
    6. Coordinates the work of masters and craft services.
    7. Supervises the compliance of employees with the rules and norms of labor protection and safety, industrial and labor discipline, rules of internal labor regulations.
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Nebesky Nikolay

    • Provides uninterrupted and technically correct operation and reliable operation of the equipment, increasing its variability, keeping in working order with the required level of accuracy.
    • Organis the development of plans (schedules) of inspections, tests and preventive repairs of equipment in accordance with the provisions of the system of planned and preventive repairs, approves these plans and controls their implementation, provides technical preparation of production.
    • Manages the development of normative materials for the repair of equipment, the cost of materials for repair and maintenance needs, analysis of indicators of its use, the compilation of estimates for repairs, registration of applications for the purchase of materials and spare parts required during the operation of equipment.
    • Organizes inter-repair services, timely and qualitative repairs and modernization of equipment, work to increase its reliability and durability, technical supervision of the condition, maintenance, repair of buildings and structures, and ensure the rational use of materials for repair work.
    • Organizes an inventory of production fixed assets, identifies obsolete equipment, objects requiring overhaul, and sets the order of repair work.
    • Organizes inter-repair service, timely and qualitative repairs and modernization of the equipment, work to increase its reliability and durability, technical supervision of the condition, maintenance, repair of buildings and structures, and ensure the rational use of materials for repair work.
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Bilich Svyatoslav

    • Provides uninterrupted and technically correct operation and reliable operation of vehicles, increase their variability, maintenance in working condition. The Chief of the Motor Vehicle Shop is responsible for the safe operation of the vehicle.
    • Organizes work on the records of availability and movement, the preparation and execution of technical and accounting documentation, the implementation of the requirements of regulatory documents.
    • Manages the development of normative materials for the repair of equipment, the compilation of estimates for repairs, registration of applications for the purchase of materials and spare parts necessary for the operation of transport equipment. Participates in the organization of accounting and storage of spare parts.
    • Organizes inter-repair service, prepares material reports, is financially responsible person.
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Kosovceva Natalia

    Chief Accountant


    1. Provides accounting, following the unified methodological principles established by the Law of Ukraine "On Accounting and Financial Reporting in Ukraine", taking into account the peculiarities of the enterprise's activity and the processing technology of accounting data.
    2. Organizes the work of the accounting service and control the display in the accounts of the accounts of all business transactions.
    3. Take measures to provide complete, truthful and unbiased information about the financial position, results of operations and cash flows of the enterprise.
    4. Participates in the preparation and submission of other types of periodic reports, which include the signature of the Chief Accountant, to the bodies of senior management in accordance with the normative acts, approved forms and instructions.
    5. In agreement with the owner (leader), the enterprise ensures the transfer of taxes and fees stipulated by law, carries out settlements with other creditors in accordance with contractual obligations.
    6. Supervises the conduct of cash transactions, rational and efficient use of material, labor and financial resources.
    7. Participates in carrying out inventory work at the enterprise, registration of materials related to the lack of and compensation for losses from shortages, robberies and damage to the assets of the enterprise.
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Efimenko Natalia

    Deputy Chief Accountant


    1. Carries out the organization of book keeping of economic-financial activity and control over economical use of material, labor and financial resources, safety of the property of the enterprise.
    2. Forms in accordance with the legislation on accounting accounting policy based on the structure and characteristics of the enterprise, the need to ensure its financial stability.
    3. Heads the work on the preparation and adoption of the working plan of accounts, the forms of primary accounting documents used for processing business transactions for which no standard forms are provided, the development of forms of internal accounting documents, as well as ensuring the procedure for inventorying, control over economic operations, compliance with technology processing of accounting information and the order of document circulation.
    4. Ensures the rational organization of accounting and reporting at the enterprise and its subdivisions, and also develops and implements activities aimed at strengthening financial discipline.
    5. Organizes accounting of property, liabilities and business transactions, incoming fixed assets, inventory and cash, timely reflection on the accounts of transactions related to their movement, accounting for production and circulation costs, cost estimates, product sales, performance of work ( services), the results of the business and financial activities of the enterprise, as well as financial, settlement and lending operations.
    6. Ensures the legality, timeliness and correctness of the execution of documents, compilation of economically justified accounting calculations of the cost of production, works performed (services), payroll calculations, the correct calculation and transfer of taxes and fees to the federal, regional and local budgets, insurance contributions to state extra-budgetary social funds , payments to banking institutions, funds for the financing of capital investments, repayment in due time of arrears to banks on loans, and also deduction of means for material stimulation of workers of the enterprise.
    7. Monitors compliance with the procedure for the preparation of primary and accounting documents, settlements and payment obligations, the expenditure of the wage fund, the establishment of official salaries for enterprise employees, the carrying out of inventories of fixed assets, inventory and cash, checks of the organization of accounting and reporting, as well as documentary audits in the subdivisions of the enterprise.



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Aksyonov Alexandr

    • Manages the scientific-technical and technological preparation of energy supply of the enterprise.
    • Organizes technically correct operation and timely repair of energy and environmental equipment and power systems, continuous provision of electricity, steam, gas, water and other types of energy, control over rational consumption of energy resources in the enterprise, consistent adherence to the regime of energy saving and economy.
    • Carries out measures on timely verification of energy accounting devices in relevant state institutions, obtaining the necessary permissions for their installation or removal.
    • Supervises the observance of the rules on labor protection, instructions on the operation of power plants and the use of power equipment and networks.
    • Participates in the conclusion of contracts with third-party organizations to provide the company with electricity, steam and water on other types of energy, supervises their implementation.
    • Organizes the storage, accounting for the availability and use of energy equipment located at the enterprise, as well as accounting and analysis of electricity and fuel costs, technical and economic indicators of the operation of the power industry, accidents and their causes.
    • Manages employees of the department and units of the enterprise, which carry out energy production maintenance, arranges work for the upgrading of workers' skills.