March 3, 2020 , 17:17 1712

VP Ukrcable mastered production of fire-resistant cable brands (N) HXH-FE 180/E30(Е60) и (N) HXH-FE 180/E90

VP Ukrcable has mastered the production of fire-resistant cable of grades (N) HXH-FE 180 / E30 (E60) and (N) HXH-FE 180 / E90.

Cable (N) HXH-FE 180 / E30 (E60) and (N) HXH-FE 180 / E90 is a fire-resistant power cable with copper conductors, a fire-resistant barrier made of mica-containing tapes, with insulation, filling and a sheath of halogen-free compounds. Used in places
where special safety of people, cultural and material values ​​is required. In systems and equipment, the work of which is mandatory for carrying out quick and safe rescue operations during a fire. They are used for single and bundled cable in rooms, tunnels, trays, pipes, flexible sleeves in the absence of danger of mechanical damage.

 Cables do not spread combustion, smoke emission is very limited, and the gases emitted do not have toxic and corrosive properties.

They meet the requirements in the field of preservation of integrated functions during research, together with the fastening system according to DIN 4102-12 for 30 minutes (E "P" 30) or 90 minutes (E “P” 90) manufacturers such as “BAKS Kazimierz Sielski” (Poland), “OBO Bettermann GmbH & Co. KG "(Germany), PrAT" Electric cable systems "(Ukraine)
For the production of cables using materials from leading manufacturers in Europe.

Technical Specifications (N) HXH FE180 / E30, (N) HXH FE180 / E90
• Rated voltage 0.6 / 1 kV
    • The highest long-term permissible core temperature during operation of the wires + 90 ° С
    • Operating temperature -25 ° С to + 90 ° С
    • The lowest permissible temperature of wires when laying -5 ° С
    • Maximum core temperature in case of short circuit + 250 ° С
• Minimum bending radius (D - outer diameter of the wire):
15 D - single-core cables;
12 D - multicore cables
    • Non-proliferation of combustion in a cable laid in a bundle in accordance with DSTU EN 60332-3-22: 2013 (EN 60332-3-22: 2009, IDT) - “resistant”
    • Smoke emission in accordance with DSTU EN 61034-2: 2015 (EN 61034-2: 2005; EN 61034-
2: 2005 / A1: 2013, IDT) category "DPk2"
    • Emission of toxic and corrosive gases during combustion in accordance with DBN B.2.5-23: 2010, DSTU EN 60754-2: 2015 (EN 60754-2: 2014, IDT)
    • Ability to maintain circuit integrity under fire conditions in accordance with DSTU 4809: 2007 - class Ek60 for cables (N) HXH FE180 / E30,
E90 class for (N) HXH FE180 / E90 cables

  Cables of these brands have successfully passed the certification tests at the State Certification Center of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine for compliance with the requirements of DSTU 4809: 2007 “Insulated wires and cables. Fire safety requirements and test methods. " and received a certificate of conformity.

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