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Acquaintance with the company "Ukrсabel"

      «The brand «UKRСABEL» began its existence more than 100 years ago. Kiev cable plant - the first in our country company for the manufacture of electrical conductors - was established as a joint-stock company in 1900. Almost two decades later the plant became a state company and was named «Ukrcabel» (Kiev Cable Plant). The company is known as unique in its field, its products ensure progress in such important areas of production as electrical engineering and metallurgy, instrument and rail transport, radio and chemical industry, construction industry, communal and agriculture. We, in our turn, continue in every possible way the best traditions of «UKRCABEL».

Our company produces cable and wire under its own trademark «Ukrcabel», which ensure compliance with GOST of the products witch we offer. All products are certified by the State Certification System UkrSEPRO, and also passes obligatory control in the testing laboratory, which, following the results of the audit, meets all the requirements of the DSTU ISO 10012: 2005 "Measurement management systems. Requirements for measurement processes and measuring equipment" and confirmed by the quality certificate for each consignment.

We are proud of our involvement in the implementation of major construction projects in Ukraine. The products of our company functions at the companies of the coal and defense industry, seaports, nuclear and thermal power stations, machine-building and metallurgical plants, communal, construction companies of Ukraine.

Cable production is an elevated power art.
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