March 11, 2019 , 16:55 1598

LLC “UKRCABLE” began the production of insulated wire for overhead power lines of brands AsXSn (SIP-5ng)

The wire is designed for branches from the main overhead power lines and for laying on the walls of buildings and engineering structures. Rated voltage 0.6 / 1 kV with frequency 50 Hz.

Wire structure:
• Conductor - aluminum stranded compacted, with a cross section of 16.0 to 240.0 mm 2;
• insulation - light-stabilized cross-linked polyethylene, not extending horon.
AsXSn is a self-supporting wire (s) with aluminum conductors (A), insulations made of "cross-linked polyethylene" resistant to ultraviolet (solar) radiation (XS) and non-propagating (n).

For wire insulation, innovative materials from manufacturers from Europe and Asia are used, which guarantee quality.

The insulation was made by extrusion of cross-linked polyethylene resistant to ultraviolet (solar) radiation and antiperene, followed by “stitching” in a steam bath. Insulation does not propagate burning (test according to DSTU 4809: 2007 p. 4.1, DSTU method EN 60332-1-2: 2016). The insulation fits snugly to the cores, but is not welded to them, and can be easily removed during installation.

The use of insulated aerial wires in comparison with bare wires has a number of advantages, namely:
• increase in trouble-free operation of transmission lines:
• increase safety;
• the ability to perform most of the work under voltage, due to the use of fully insulated reinforcement, tension clamps, tap-off clamps, piercing insulation, etc .;
• the possibility of building one line of both supply and street lighting; The possibility of mounting on the same supports and other wires, such as lines of different voltages.

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