March 11, 2019 , 16:42 1507

At the plant of LLC “UKRCABLE” the production of power flexible cable brand KGTP was mastered.

Cable KGTP - power cables for voltage of 660V with insulation and sheath of thermoplastic elastomers, designed to connect mobile mechanisms to electrical networks.

For production, we use raw materials and materials of domestic producers, which confirm their quality with the corresponding certificates.

The use of these materials allows the cable to be operated at ambient temperatures from minus 60 ºС to plus 50 ºС.

The main advantages of shells and insulation from our TEC are:

  • ozone resistance;
  • resistance to UV radiation;
  • high elasticity at high temperature drops;
  • do not lose color with time;
  • do not crumble;
  • well painted in different RAL colors
  • insulation for wires of thermoplastic elastomer has a reduced fire hazard (does not support combustion) does not contain halogens, chloride, and other harmful impurities;
  • oil and petrol resistance;
  • the possibility of recycling waste scrap tap through a crusher.

Specifications for a new product take into account the requirements of national and international standards. The cable has successfully passed all qualification tests and received the necessary certificates.

We are ready to develop and manufacture products according to individual customer requirements. The new cable is designed for all sectors of the economy.

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