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 In our catalog You will find:


  • power cables with PVC insulation;
  • cables and wires;
  • control cables;
  • power cables made of cross-linked polyethylene;
  • flexible power cables;
  • aerial bundled cable;
  • cables for the mining industry.

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Who we work with:

Ukrcable experts pay special attention to the quality of the materials used, monitor the technical parameters at all stages of production, and thus ensure a high quality of products. All products are certified by UkrSEPRO state system, are subject to mandatory control in the laboratory and confirmed by the quality certificate for each consignment.

Our products ensure progress in such important production areas as electrical engineering and metallurgy, instrument engineering and rail transport, radio and chemical industry, construction industry, construction and agriculture. We supply products to the leading domestic and foreign companies, offering to our customers only the best and proven products, which you can see in the catalog.